Check out the finest selection of saltwater livestock the west coast has to offer. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned hobbyist, you’ll find quality aquatic life when you shop at Harry’s Marine life. We strive for the best shopping experience possible by offering a 3-Day Guarantee* on the finest selection of marine fish, corals and invertebrates.
*3-Day Guarantee does not include Expert Only aquatic life. If your marine life does not survive 3 days after delivery, We will issue you a store credit to your livesale account for a future marine life purchase ONLY APPLICABLE to our livesales, provided you followed all instructions in our DOA policy. 

Harrys Marine Life recommends employing Drip Method of acclimation. Keep in mind, If this is not followed your guarantee may be voided.Take your time and never rush the process. CLICK LINK TO VIEW ACCLIMATION GUIDE https://harrysmarinelife.com/acclimation-guide/  

We may also ask for proof of water quality and parameters!

 In event of DOA we will need clear digital picture(s) of the deceased coral(s) and/or fish in the bag, and picture(s) out of the bag. In addition, take a group picture  of all DOA item(s) out of the bag on a white background and write the arrival date on a piece of paper next to those items.

In event your marine life did not survive the 3 day guarantee  we will need clear digital picture(s) of the deceased coral(s) and/or fish in the tank , and picture(s) out of the tank. Take a group picture of all marine life did not survive  out of the tank  on a white background and write the date of death on a piece of paper next to those items.

In some cases we may ask for pictures of marine life that didn’t make it to be cut in half or broken to ensure these items are not used In future claims.

Send all required pictures to our Facebook Messenger or via email.
Add order number on the subject field.

Once we receive the digital photos, we will send you replacement(s) or credit in your future order. Refunds are NOT given. Shipping is not covered for replacement coral and/or fish shipments. Call our customer service line in this rare event, phone number and email is provided on our website as well. DO NOT discard item until we have resolved the issue. Harry’s Marine Life INC. cannot be held responsible for mechanical or weather delays from the shipping companies. We cannot guarantee replacement coral(s) and/or Fish. We are not responsible for incorrect addresses given.