Harrys Loot (Sheeesh! Tier)(MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION)

$299.99 per month

The Sheeesh! Tier

The Highest tier, this package includes hand picked coral to your specifications.

You will receive Coral, Fish, and Inverts hand picked by Harry, awesome swag, and so much more! All subscribers will also receive 10% off our ENTIRE website, you will receive a new code every billing cycle. All livestock included come with a 7-Day Guarantee. We will reach out at each payment cycle to confirm a delivery date. Use “Customer Notes” section at check out to choose: Merch Size, Tank Size and Coral Preference (Softies, Zoa, LPS, SPS), or any other requests.                             *Not all Packages will include a shirt*

Your Sheeesh! Tier Package will include:

  • 4 Ultra Coral Frag
  • 4 Grade A Coral Frag
  • 1 Special Fish
  • 60 Piece Cleanup Crew
  • 2 Premium Invert
  • 1 HML Merch (Clothing, Stickers, Magazine, Etc)

Important: purchasing this package subscribes you to a recurring monthly $299.99 “Sheeesh!” Tier subscription. To cancel your subscription please contact us at least 48 hours before charge.

Disclaimer: Harrys Marine Life reserves the right to cancel subscriptions at any time

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