$149.99 per month

The 150 Gallon Tier!

The biggest of three, this package includes all the inverts necessary for a clean beautiful reef.

You will receive assorted 150 peice Inverts (half snail/half inverts) hand picked by Harry and awesome swag! We will reach out at each payment cycle to confirm a delivery date. Your 150 Gallon Package will include:

  • 150 piece assorted clean up crew (half snail/half inverts)
  • 4 random premium inverts
  • 1 HML Sticker
  • Important: purchasing this package subscribes you to a recurring monthly $149.99 100 Gallon Tier subscription. To cancel your subscription please contact us at least 48 hours before recurring charge.

Disclaimer: Harrys Marine Life reserves the right to cancel subscriptions at any time

Specimens seen in picture not guaranteed.

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