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scarus taeniopterus

The Princess Parrotfish is one of the most colorful fishes in the marine aquatic world. The body has a bright blue color with bright pink or orange stripes running over the fins. Its face has dark blue or green stripes crisscrossing over the cheeks fro nose across the eyes. The pectoral fin has a bright yellow spot over it. Its tail has a pinkish border. They have powerful jaws and sharp teeth. They are often found crunching their teeth on corals to make the teeth sharper. Its teeth have been fused together and form a parrot’s beak like structure. Therefore, they are named as Parrotfish.

The Princess Parrotfish (Scarus Taeniopterus) is a tropical reef Parrotfish, typically 7.8″ inches to 9.8″ inches long, found in the Caribbean, South Florida, the Bahamas, and Bermuda. Its behavior, similar to other Parrotfishes, is to swim about the reef and sandy patches during the day, at depths between 3 and 25 meters, scraping algae on which it feeds.

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